False Bottoms


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Welcome to NorCal Brewing Solutions

NorCal Brewing Solutions manufactures the exclusive line of Jaybird False Bottoms.

We offer complete kits to:

* Convert insulated 5 and 10-gallon coolers into mash tuns
* Convert standard 15.5 gallon kegs into hot liquor tanks, mash tuns, or boil kettles
* Convert 55-gallon drums into mash tuns or boil kettles
* Custom-made false bottoms for brand name kettles and stockpots
* Make any custom size false bottom to fit your needs

I need a False Bottom for a:

Drum / Barrel

Keg / Keggle Kettle

Picnic Cooler Other / Custom Size 15" FB Stands

The ultimate test: Just how tough ARE our false bottoms?


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